Nik Tarascio, CEO Ventura Air

When I first met Nik in the fall of 2014, he was skillfully strumming the guitar, singing "Autumn Leaves". I immediately became a fan. Over the next few hours of jam sessions and my failed attempts at the djembe, I found out he plays frequently at Union Square, is in a rock band and has an album out. He had such passion (and talent) for music. It was infectious. I left feeling inspired to finally pursue one of my bucket list goals of learning an instrument. 

It wasn't until our next meeting that I found out this talented musician was also CEO of Ventura Air

I chatted with him over brunch earlier this year to talk about he can be in a rock band, fly a plane and take his family business from losing 50k a year to turning profit. Stay tuned for that conversation here...

guitar grayscale.jpeg